Opera In The Caves; Descend into Sydney’s Bowels with Us.

Perhaps bowels isn’t the right word. Guts. Descend into Sydney’s guts with us. In the joint tract of Sydney’s Opera House and Botanical Gardens lies a place wreathed in mystery where few but the lowliest parking attendants have been. But, as with all hidden slightly dangerous magical secret places these days, for a price you will have the chance to strap yourself in to your Sunday best and sit before a carefully curated performance held within it. The Underground Opera will make its Sydney debut in the dying month of Autumn, bringing both a prescriptively upbeat and familiarly haunting live operatic compilation to an ephemerally non-rat-infested Sydney venue.

Come, come with us into the deep dark and, as of yet, visually unknown depths of old Sydney town. Join your fellow opera-lovers in an ode to that which is vaguely occultist enough without being outright threatening and supercilious in name enough without being inaccessible (they chuck in a few show tunes from time to time).

If the lead in your face powder doesn’t do the trick, there are bar facilities on hand.

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