No One Can Hear You Scream with Keep the Music Playing

Realisation of one’s own limitations is a dually devastating and satisfying experience that, it turns out, is only experienced by a section of the population.

Despite what we’ve believed for quite a few years, some people still go to their deaths with the refrain playing over and over in their head that they can be anything they want to be.

On the one hand, the notion that some people still believe in themselves is charming, but on the other, it’s the kind of Disney-branded bulls**t that results in a severely corrupt ruling political oligarchy that consider themselves beyond the limitations put in place by society so it’s able to function with at least some semblance of equality.

It’s impossible to deny the benefits of this delusional mindset. For one thing, it means that you constantly have a self-affirming refrain playing on a loop in your head that means your sense of self and your belief in the innate goodness of humanity is not freshly slaughtered by whatever horror is trending every morning.

It must be nice to have “I’m brilliant, I’m brilliant” emanating from the tiny toddler wind up music box of your mind as opposed to “the world is f***ed and you’ve somehow grown into the least skilled and most pathetic human being you know”.

But many of us simply don’t have access to that level of delusion. We’ve got to keep the music playing to drown out our internal screams of inadequacy.

Yes, Jason Isbell & Amanda Shires, Keb Mo, Rosanne Cash, John Oates and more join the Keep the Music Playing livestream to benefit the Music Health Alliance. The virtual event will feature both live and pretaped performances from various Nashville venues.

The Nashville music industry is louder than your self-hatred.

Now that’s a slogan that should be plastered all over the Grand Ole Opry.

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