No Losers, No Winners, No Dogs feat. The Cat Empire: Stolen Diamonds Tour

It’s been two decades since these cats first hit the airwaves.

Two decades of war, famine, political dissent, ideological zealotry, fascistic nationalism, and psychologically disturbing CGI.

You’d think that society, by now, would be so desensitised to the cacophony of discord that ever-surrounds the aggressively mediocre that these Australian rockers would barely make an aural impact.

But you’d be disregarding the fact that whilst we’ve been making massive strides in the areas of dickishness, our artistic output has remained largely frozen between the giant green arse cheeks of DreamWorks’ Shrek.

So harken once again to the heart attack-inducing siren call of this band.

You’ve not forgotten them.

In fact, you’ve been yearning for the type of loud, confusing idiotic trumpeting that’s entirely apolitical.


Australia’s kings of real good, feel good roots pop, The Cat Empire return home for another triumphant lap around the country this October and November still riding high on the success of their most recent studio album, Stolen Diamonds.

An empire of loyal Australian fans will again have the opportunity to celebrate the band’s most recent acclaimed material and revisit some of the enduring, and indeed endearing classics that have secured their status as one of the world’s most beloved live acts.

Two hours; no soapboxes.

Hello hello.

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