Nicefest. It’s Not What It Sounds Like.

Because if it fits into an established genre, you won’t hear it here.

June will see the return of Nicefest to Melbourne, a showcase of progressive music from the Australian underground.

It will feature upcoming bands from all hipster sects, the promoting label ‘Art As Catharsis’ stating, “We don’t care if the style is experimental pop, acoustic folk, Persian classical or progressive metal. It’s about the attitude and the approach of the artist: are they trying new things? Creating new forms? Pushing boundaries?”.

Savour the sounds of your own superiority over the masses made manifest through Bear the Mammoth, Sydney progressive trio Instrumental, adj., half/cut, the spacious shoegaze of Laedj., and the Melbourne debut of Black Aleph.

Oil your beards and research synonyms for ‘gauche’.

It’s going to get obscurely referential in here.

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