Never Mind at Babylon in the Park

“Psych!” is something you don’t tend to hear as often as you once would have in the 90s.

The average lexicon has been taken over by words that seem to no longer have identifiable roots, which, funnily enough, has left the words previously warped by slang currently unmolested.

The word psych now most often refers to Jenny’s vegan life coach, little Johnny’s most recent murder victim or rave music. The point is, the world is terrible and we miss the 90s when the world wasn’t by any means better, but at least we were young enough to be generally unaware of it.

But this isn’t about vegans, sociopathic young white people or rave music.

It’s about all three at Babylon in the Park.

Yes, Babylon is back, featuring an amazing collection of acts playing across three stages; from techno & house to psychedelic, magnificently orchestrated to create a spectacular visual and audio sensory experience at the iconic Sidney Myer Music Bowl.

Alan Fitzpatrick will be headlining Babylon in the Park for his Australian debut. Babylon legend, partner and curator Carl Cox is set to give attendees the party they’ve been waiting for – “Carl Cox techno”. Ann Clue, female DJ & producer, best friend and creative collaborator with Boris Brejcha will also be featured along with world renowned classical pianist, turned synth king and electro veteran Reinier Zonneveld.

The world isn’t what it once was because you had no capacity to realise what it was when you were young enough to be happy.

But now you’re older and you can understand what it is.

So crank up the volume until your eardrums rupture and keep infusing that main vein with blackout syrup.

Just because you can be aware doesn’t mean you have to be.

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