Naturally Sweet Tasting Smooth Dirty Honey

Acknowledging your own shortcomings is an important part of growing up.

No matter how dismissive or abusive the corporeal figures of authority were during your childhood, the existence of television and movies meant that every child since the 50s has been raised with a roseate vision of their own future.

Optimism about the future is imperative for the economy. You’re never going be able to grow into a godlike figure of vengeance and crush those who’ve crushed you if you’re not a happy little Vegemite.

But one of the most exhausting things about growing up and realising you’re not capable of anything you put your mind to is that it’s not a single realisation. It’s a constant flow of realisations in which your expectations about yourself are eventually pared-down to something indistinguishable from the blob of wet oats someone spooned down your throat for dinner, at which point you’re in your 80s and can die without disturbing the rest of society.

But until we’re 80, we’re still vital cogs in the machine. It’s for this reason that we need a continual stream of generic 70s-style American rock with a hell of a beat to stimulate us enough to get up in the morning and buy the new brand of almond butter, but with lyrics vague enough to not force us to access our repressed trauma nor allow us to question the purpose of the almond butter. We’re pleased to present for your consideration: Dirty Honey.

L.A. band Dirty Honey takes its cues from Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses as it taps into new sources of rock, and adds a gritty blues flair to the anthemic style of their rock heroes. Experience their style of new-fashioned rock and roll in an intimate livestreamed concert.

Walk this way sweet child ‘o mine because Mayver’s Almond Spread is on special for a limited time only.


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