My Aeon presents Techno vs Psy Trance; Your Eardrums Will Present with the Worrying After-Effects

It’s like every recently publicised grudge match: the two parties involved have loudly expressed manifestos nearly indistinguishable from each other, there’s a lot of confusing malapropisms and portmanteaus used that no one can be sure aren’t some kind of new sociopolitical slang and there are multiple acts of sexual deviancy occurring at once.

It’s a disconcerting political era and a night of Techno vs Psy Trance!

Yes, race into My Aeon for B2Bs all night long with both genres pulling out the best they’ve got to fly their chosen teams flag strong.

This a battle of pure love for both genres with quality selections taking place from start to finish.

2 International acts will headline this special night with all time old school legend, full on psy trance act Indra (ALL Records) (Israel) & his progressive alias Pop Art (Blue Tunes Records) (Israel)!

Power-wash the wax out of your ears; you’re going to need your holes clear and wide open to enable you to identify the difference between the genres to thus inform what sort of epileptic you’re going to emulate on the dance-floor.

The night’s theme is MARIO KART with custom created decor and visuals and Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 all night long.

…and here we thought the one thing missing from the apt comparison to contemporary politics was racial misappropriation.

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