My Aeon & Pelican Villa Presents: ‘One Man Orchestra’. At Least Andre Rieu Isn’t Involved.

Don’t get your hopes up.

That homeless guy who lives on your corner and busks with a panpipe-drum-harmonica-tambourine-cymbal-heroin-needle-triangle hasn’t made it into the big leagues.

He’ll still be there to serenade your morning commute.

No, this is 2018, so ‘One Man Orchestra’ means, yes, a DJ and a goddamn synth.

His oeuvre is described as such:

While some of the tracks dive down deep into a techy realm of grinding bass lines and dubby echoes other tunes have an uplifting touch. Living up to its name, it always provides a distinctly dramatic, dynamic and most of all truly orchestral vibe”.

Because if there’s one thing we’ve felt whilst listening to a live stringed performance of Beethoven it’s: ‘this grinding bass is lit’.

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