Mumford & Sons (Forget Your Elders)

Are you going to Scarborough fair?

Well then you’re delusional because the Scarborough to which the song refers is in Yorkshire – a region in favour of Brexit – and seamless sewing is strictly the talent of third world children.

We live in the 21st Century and, as such, folk music is the fodder of a very different kind of musician.

Enter Mumford & Sons.

Enter, too, a random piano in a field, slow walking in a field with a cello (held by one person), a banjo, a tambourine and a guitar (all held by another person), a drum and a guitar (both held by yet another person) and, of course, the random piano being wheeled by the fourth person.

All those persons are film stars.

You’d almost deign to like these singer-songwriters for their parodic genius.

Until you realise that casting famous film stars and the over-exaggerated notion of hipster music presented in the music video is not a statement.

Because the rest of their songs also sound like a tourism ad for some sunny Island nation or an airline saver deal.

There is an upside.

You shan’t be threatened by their music.

It is not revolutionary.

If they were to ask you ‘are you going to Scarborough fair?’, it would not be a call for peace in a tumultuous time, nor a refrain for the revolutionaries.

It would, however, be an enchanting invitation to invest in decent home insurance.

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