Mitchell Creek Rock ‘N’ Blues Fest: A Festival That You Will Remember

Chh Chh-chh, uh, chh chh-chh, uhh.


For once, that’s not a compromising onomatopoeic transcript.

Mungo Jerry is back, and he’s as brilliant as everyone cares to remember.

He’s supporting a whole host of people that won’t silence his screaming irrelevance including: The Badloves, Blue Shaddy, Shaun Kirk, Karen Lee Andrew, The Bay Collective, Kings & Associates, Milan Hendrik Exp, Matty T Wall, Lazy Eve, Southbound Snake Charmers, Sky Eater, Lady Valiant, Zkye Blue, The Moonsets, The Hoochers, Liza Ohlback and many more.

He’s got the kind of performative hubris that we all envy.

Have a drink, have a drive.

You all were complicit in the ‘Minions’ movie.


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