Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 08/07/2018

Better take a power-hose to your ear canals, Melbourne. You’ll want to be as empty as an Ariana Grande lyric in order to fully savour this week’s musical degustation.


10) Where’s Wally Electro Swing

13th July

He’s the guy in the red and white striped shirt and beanie doing the robot through the window of that electro night club. Frankly, we’re surprised. He’s pretty damn easy to spot.’s-Wally-Electro-Swing/8f898070-8347-11e8-a29d-3b215eb5f5c0


9) Modiuz First Annual Masquerade

14th July

Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! Unfortunately, there’ll likely not be a murderous deformed creature on the prowl for innocent blood. But with a cash bar, we’re not making any promises.


8) What The Fluff Fundraiser

14th July

Your squishiest most regressive fantasies come to life, babies! Get drunk surrounded by a plush assortment of your loveliest soft toys in a pillow fort. The therapy practically pays for itself.


7) Applause 1930s Berlin

13th July

Frau Kost’s singing her siren song, sweet cheeks. Don’t be afraid. After all, it’s only Berlin in the late 30s. What’s there to fear?


6) Tal’s Costume Party

8th July

Get blind drunk so they can see sober. It’s all about balance, people.’s-Costume-Party/494f2380-8347-11e8-a29d-3b215eb5f5c0


5) Prog Sesh Present Unseen Dimensions

8th July

Melt into a trance. Only then shall you be able to see the unseen. Usually happens when you faceplant the ground and notice, for the first time, just how many condom wrappers and stale peanuts are under the bar.


4) Bastille Day French Festival

14th July

Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité! Coronary Bypass Surgery! We’re pretty sure that’s the direct translation.


3)  Firelight Festival

1st-31st July

Dock your boats, sailors. Time to set fire to the night.


2) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

12th July-12th Aug

You know the drill, my beautiful Transylvanians. Cock your pistols. Get ready to squirt.


1) Kendrick Lamar

13th-14th July

Damn. And we mean DAMN. That’s right kids. The hip hop behemoth is returning to Australian shores.

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