Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 08/07/2018

Robots; goatmen; leaky comedians; sweet transvestites. Strap yourselves in, Melbourne. This’ll be a good ‘un.


10) Boutique Winter Marketplace

9th-19th July

A milquetoast delight for the whole family. Cosy throws, locally designed jewellery, ceramics, home-wares, artwork, hand made clothing…and it’s really easy to lose your family in the crowd.


9) Melbourne Rare Book Fair

8th July

Tired of the ubereats guys judging you on your bookshelf bereft of authentically mouldy pretentious classics? Sweet child, push those non-prescription glasses further up your nose, this one’s for you.


8) Can We Be Free-Willing Robots?

10th July

An atheist? On a soapbox? A lecture about the nature of determinism? Where do we sign up?!


7) Mr Monster: The Human Animal Hybrid

10th July-18th Aug

Let’s get freaky, Melbourne. Animal style. Bring your top hat.


6) 3rd Nelson Mandela Lecture by Julia Gillard

13th July

Ready your irony glands, kids. They’ll be pumping like Jane Fonda’s left butt cheek.


5) The Leak with Pat McCaffrie LIVE

13th July

Comedian, podcaster and general ragamuffin will be gliding his sharp tongue all over the election, Non-Linear Warfare, how to take a candidate seriously, Louis Thereoux’s My Scientology Movie and how to deal with fake news and trolls. And you’ve got a front row seat. First few rows beware. He’s a moist one.


4) Bastille Day Le Festival

14th July

Liberté! Égalité! Fraternité! Coronary! Bypass! Surgery! We’re pretty sure that’s the direct translation.



8th-15th July

NAIDOC week is back. Time to pull your head out and stand up straight. And…maybe wash your hair. A full week of events; a full week to shake clean the etch-a-sketch of your conscience.


2) The Rocky Horror Picture Show

12th July-12th Aug

You know the drill, my beautiful Transylvanians. Cock your pistols. Get ready to squirt.


1) Firelight Festival

1st-31st July

Dock your boats, sailors. Time to set fire to the night.

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