Melbourne Revellers Weekly Top 10 10/06/18

Singing idol; singing, idle. Oncomau is here once again with a week to heat you up, calm you down and birth you sideways.


10) Tubular Bells for Two

15th June

Virgin unleashed. Live. One Album. Two Men. Too Many Instruments. This’ll be a date that’ll ring throughout the ages. First composed by Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells became the infamous soundtrack to the exorcist. The twist here is that Oldfield recorded the instruments in the studio one by one. These guys are live. All that running around…having to suddenly wield with mastery a multitude of instruments…sounds exhausting. But it’ll probably come in handy when they accidentally call forth that ancient demonic force.


9) Fire Garden Pop-Up

10th June-30th Sep

The Fire Garden is popping up on the Common Man Lawn for the winter with live music, beer sessions, degustation and all things cosy and mulled. And lots of opportunities to discreetly burn evidence.


8) Babylon Fall

16th June

This is your fall from grace. It was always inevitable. After all. It’s Dub Techno. “Witness Melbourne’s best of foundation Dub & Roots Reggae alongside special international guests pushing the boundaries of ‘Soundsystem culture’“. Surrender your mind, eyes, ears and sphincter because Dubstep is not for the faint of any body part.


7) Jet Get Re-Born

11th-12 June

Yes. They’re back. They’re re-born and they’re encouraging you to bring your pre-8th gen iPods. This is one of the few times you can legitimately claim to experience nostalgia. Don’t miss out, kids.


6) Wi Chi Chi featuring La Niña Project

15th June

We could all stand to gain back some small sense of dignity. Do so with La Nina Project’s first group exhibition. An exquisitely powerful night of artistic reclamation of identity featuring female and non-binary femme artists admist a melange of the classiest Wine and Cheese you can shove down your gob. Life’s all about balance.


5) Kings of Comedy

15th June

The newest kid on the scene who’s already way ahead of you. This kid breathes ridicule, exhales wit and feeds on your laughter. Experience the freshest mix of Melbourne’s comedic up-and-comers.


4) Masterworks from MoMA Cookin’ on Three Burners 

15th June

Nix the sterility of the gallery scene with the aid of liquor, funk jazz and the night. Cookin’ On 3 Burners with Stella Angelico will be filling the usually stagnant gallery air with the sounds of New York City to complement the huge new Masterworks from MoMA exhibition. Casing the joint has never been classier.


3) Waterslide’s Rum Day

14th June

Winter’s here and Melbourne’s getting real dark and stormy. Drink it in. Waterslide’s rum day will defrost your bones and your disposition. Hell, it might even soften your standards enough to catch a show at Hamer Hall.’s-Rum-Day/3ebf6db0-6a9e-11e8-a92e-950303713bf2


2) Guy Sebastian

15th-21st June

Frankston, my dear, you’ve been asking this for a long damn time. For…some reason. Guy Sebastian is on a mammoth tour in support of his latest album Conscious. So relive all the fun and fervour of 2003 without the saner political climate.


1) Brian Jonestown Massacre

14th June

The sages of psychedelia are returning to Melbourne with Something Else. There’s not much to say. You are in for “one hell of a  f#@king trip”.

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