Melbourne Revellers Weekly Top 10 01/07/18

Tomorrow says: “cirrhosis”. Tonight says: “Finally. Justification for my medical insurance”.


10) Scratch Fundraiser

7th July

Tingle your extremities; tingle your insecurities; tingle your moral virtuosities.


9) Debbie Does Daytime

1st July

A ferocious, delicious, quasi-pornographic gang bang. All your darkest, stickiest fantasies in the unforgiving light of day.


8) Taboo

6th July

London calling. Though…you might not want to put the receiver directly onto your ear. You’ll need those eardrums for work tomorrow. However it might make the infernal small talk more bearable.


7) Western Solstice

7th July

A catered descent into the electric heart of Winter. We always figured this season was soulless…why else would puffer jackets be an acceptable thing?


6) Avant Whatever Festival

6th July

Finally. A night of experimental music that voices the one word humanity thinks when hearing the phrase ‘experimental’.


5) Pro Light & Sound [ware] Housewarming Party

4th July

You need not bring a himalayan cactus to this housewarming. They’ve enough to get you up and keep you up all night long.


4) Archer Magazine Issue #10 Launch Party

5th July

Self-described as “the Australian journal of sexual diversity“, Archer Magazine will be launching its 10th issue with a celebration. It’s about f*cking time we acknowledge this one.


3) Club Cosplay – Scene 1 Take 1

7th July

Action, kids! Follow your hearts, or if it be more accurate, the pulsating organ of your choice, for each room in this brilliant architectural soup is a different movie set. Come as you aren’t. Come as you should be.


2) La Sirène Wild Tripelle Vintage 2016 Launch Party

4th July

Spontaneous fermentation is not just for your colon post-your-vegan-aunt’s-christmas. Once every two years an extremely limited ale is born and you are invited to the grand opening.


1) Playroom Newbie Social Night

7th July

Sweet child, it’s time to see how far those little kinks can bend.

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