Melbourne Revellers Top 10 Weekly 03/06/18

This week, no talking. It’s time to alter the hell out of your base senses.


10) Cern at Free Dope

1st-2nd June

Free dope. Now that we have your attention, start off your week with the end of the last and join dark drum and bassist Cern at Free Dope for all that encompasses surrendering your mind to mindlessness and tasting the colour of your kidneys.


9) Something for the (Long) Weekend at Bobbie Peels

9th-10th June

Come, all you wonky walkers and spend the Queen’s birthday at Bobby Peels. A venue serving a venn diagram of pop and indie as cross-eyed as the royal family’s genetic code.


8) Deeperoots Music ‘The Higher Frequency’

8th-9th June

Explore the universe inside of you. No, not fucking yoga. Exploring intergalactic frequencies and sonic vibrations that will reverberate to your core, Deeperoots will communicate with you on a higher frequency.‘The-Higher-Frequency’/7a395b00-6484-11e8-93ea-bfdb9889e3bf


7) Xpressions Day Party

3rd-4th June

This is not the time for beating around the bush. Because the beats are deep inside the bush. Kiss the sunshine farewell, prepare yourself as Xpressions brings the “taste of the bush” right to your mouth.


6) A Night With Mr. Bill

8th-18th June

No, this is not a black and white indie film. This is an exclusive night of pulsating electro doused in special FX. Just lay back and let Mr Bill prise all your senses wide open.


5) Unstable Universe: Talpa [Serbia]

9th-10th June

A guided sonic exploration. Follow your tribe into the technicolour explosion of peaceful psychedelia. Unite in horrifyingly beautiful peace.


4) Whisky Live

8th-9th June

Over two blurry but cultured days Melbourne will host Whisky Live and Fine Spirits, a touring event that will, for the first time, be introducing other spirits including vodkas, gins, rums and cognacs. Never has there been a more elegant way to quiet your ailing conscience, salve your rampant shortcomings and justify your chronic problem than this event.


3) Give Me Life

2nd-3rd June

It’s a drag, baby.  Real drag. Ring in the winter and the week with Melbourne’s premier queer pre-drinks including DJs, live artwork, magical surprises and a prize for most resplendent. And the life-giving doesn’t end with the witching hour, late night sex-techno club Poof Doof is just 10 minutes away for the after-party.


2) Japanese Themed Pop-up Party feat. Asahi Beverages

Shhh. Clue’s in the title. The venue will be announced 24 hours before the event.



1st June-31st Aug

The Big Apple in the Bleak City. The everyday experience seen through the heterochromic eyes of Mel&NYC – that is – a mad explosion of theatre, dance, live music, degustation and performance.

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