Melbourne Magic Festival (Roadshow): Get In The Van

Do you believe in magic?

Well, don’t be shy, give us your supplier.

The Melbourne Magic Festival is about to launch and we’ve been told by our religious forebears that magic is far better than a condom.

…at least we’ve been given an opportunity to prepare ourselves this time.

Yes, The Piano Bar is excited to present many of the stars of the Melbourne Magic Festival in Geelong, for one night only.

This show is jam-packed with the best headliners from the MMF (before it starts), offering you a taste of some of the amazing, jaw-dropping acts that are performing at this year’s festival.


The Melbourne Magic Festival will soon finger its wily self all around you, and the Piano Bar is giving you a chance to bless the father, the son and the holy spirit.

The three-hand salute tends to happen when you’ve taken your fifteenth drink and an unshaven magic man is asking you if “this is your card” and you can’t remember.

We’re not saying it takes a lot of alcohol to be able to survive a night full of magicians, but they have said that they will make your jaw drop.

Hell, you should at least make it easy for them.

…And make your mother proud.

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