Melbourne Guitar Festival: New Talent Is Our Only Hope

Tired of the same old brilliant, but familiar, guitar riff?

We know.

Zeppelin, The Stones, The Kinks, and Van Halen can only excite you for so long.

No one will ever be as good as Zeppelin (died upon a CD), The Stones (don’t pretend you’ve enjoyed their post-heart-surgery-tour), The Kinks (don’t look), or Van Halen (even Vincent Price was a victim of Michael Jackson).

So you realise you have to hang on to new talents.

Enter: The Melbourne Guitar Festival.

From a concert of traditional South African Kora music by the amazing Derek Gripper, through to Radiohead arrangements by Codex Guitar Quartet, with breath-taking classical guitar soloists Campbell Diamond, Matt Withers, Gian Marco Ciampa (our 2018 ICAC winner) and Harold Gretton, and a French inspired program by the Melbourne Guitar Quartet, this 5th Melbourne Guitar Festival will be one to remember!

Throw into the mix some amazing guitar displays, a $20,000 performance competition, masterclasses, presentations and complimentary catering at the evening concerts, the vibe and quality of performance at this classical guitar festival is unparalleled.

These musicians can excite you into ecstasy without you having to buy a defunct album, apply 80s eye makeup or assure your close friends and family that you don’t support a paedophile.

Worth it.

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