Melbourne Cultural Weekly Top 10 17/06/18

From midgets to biker gangs to purple people, oncomau presents a week of culture that will leave the most delightful scar on your psyche.


10) The Wizard of Oz

14th Jun-15th July

Dwarves, rubies, vital organ substitutes in a sack. But this time you won’t get arrested; you’re not in Kansas anymore. An old hat with new shoes and less lethal lead-based makeup, The Wizard of Oz is skipping its way onto the Melbourne stage. Relive your childhood with the wits of an adult. We don’t believe they have sniffer dogs at the door.


9) The Shape of Things to Come

14th-24th June

Visionary, storyteller, dissenter, alchemist. No, it’s not Randy from down the street who sells those used auto-parts he refuses to disclose the origin of. Well, we can’t exactly be sure if it is or isn’t. This exhibition’s creators do spend a lot of time wildly overestimating their agency in the future and… they have created more than two purple people. Come to Buxton’s inaugural exhibition and experience ‘The World To Come’.


8) Beyond the Barricade

17th June

This is your last chance, Melbourne, to acquiesce shamefully to your hankering for people to burst in expositional song entirely without context or anecdotal value. It’s a 2 hour concentrated dose of musical theatre starring past principal performers from Les Misérables in the West End and on tour, featuring hit songs from The Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Wicked, Miss Saigon, West Side Story, Chicago, Crazy For You, Mamma Mia, and many others, climaxing with a spectacular finale from, of course, Les Misérables. We use the term climax loosely. It’s more of a repetitive series of sensations that become increasingly less rewarding, ending largely in relief.


7) Dames and Divas: Nina Simone to Aretha Franklin

23rd June

Ever wanted to hear the greatest works of jazz, blues and soul sung in a single out-of-revolutionary-context stage show by a white chick? You’ll dig this one.


6) Illusionaire Magic Show

14th June-23rd Dec

It’s an illusion! Just kidding. We really are stuck in this hellish reality and there is no escape. But there is a distraction on offer. “Sam Angelico and Rosanna Maccarrone are a comic, elegant and sophisticated illusionist couple” and they are coming to Docklands…or…are they? Yes. They are. Push your crusty cynicism waaay down and surrender to the magic.


5) Good Food Month

1st-30th June

When else will you have such an excellent cover for your gastric tendencies? Stop stuffing your face with french fancies in the office toilet and shed your restraint. Good Food Month is city-sanctioned glut made glamorous.


4) Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

14th June-1st July

See the cracks in the pop. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry. You may even feel the earth move. Though…if you’re planning to, you might want to get a seat at the back. Oh, right. Snap.


3) Winter Solstice Chocolate Festival

23th June

Chocolate Festival. Need we say more? No, we needn’t. But the following phrase has only ever been largely unnecessary: it’s organic.


2) Wednesdays at Bosozoku

20th June

All-you-can-eat gyoza at a Japanese biker bar. Cradle light golden parcels filled with delicate flavours between your huge bloody knuckles. Between each of your huge bloody knuckles. Several times. It’s all you can eat. Hell of an image, right?


1) Emerging Writers’ Festival

19th-29th June

The book is a dead medium. And what better way to mourn its loss than with a nine day celebration of its life? Just…ignore the screenwriters. They’ll only depress you.’-Festival-2018-Day-1/b98e98c0-6df7-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c

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