Melbourne Cultural Weekly Top 10 10/06/18

Truffles, onstage butchery, bottomless Pimms. You may need to spend the eve of the Queen’s birthday in a confessional.


10) Starman

14th June

Dry your tears. Bowie’s gone. But cult-cabaret star Sven Ratzke is here with rave reviews and a performance to distract you briefly from your un-ending pain. “Glam rock cabaret star Sven Ratzke is performing a one-night-only show exploring the life of David Bowie through his music, from New York to Berlin”.


9) Yeats Poetry Prize Presentation

13th June

Come away, oh human child. Behold the presentation of the 2017 WB Yeats Poetry Prize followed by a reading by poet Kevin Hart (not that one) from his latest book of poetry ‘Barefoot’. If ever there were a chance in this century to delve into high culture and annihilate all semblance of literary ego for free, this is it.


8) Melbourne International Singers Festival Finale Concert

11th June

Fan of choral extravagance entirely out of narrative context? Hallelujah. In a weekend of musical experiences your ear drums certainly won’t forget in a hurry, Richard Gill AO will lead a 300 voice massed festival chorus through arrangements from musical theatre to original scores.


7) Holy Cow!

13th-17th June

This is one vivisectory experience you’ll want to don the tie and tails for. In this theatrical send-up of the most avidly pretentious gods of authorial wankery, “James Joyce Slaughters the Sacred Cows of English Literature”. Don’t miss it. You may want bring a towel and some bleach.!/ee674fa0-6aab-11e8-a92e-950303713bf2


6) The Rose St. Artists’ Market

9th-30th June

A kiss from a rose in the midst of Melbourne winter. Watch out for the crotchet needles.’-Market/d1c751a0-6aac-11e8-a92e-950303713bf2


5) Winter Night Market

9th June-29th Aug

You’ve spent the rose, now comes the night and its fare. The QV Winter Night Market is a wonderful, if slightly milquetoast, beacon of temptation for the night owls. Drinks, raging fires, quirky entertainers and live music. And, just like you, it clocks out at 10.


4) Red Cross Pop-Up Shop

16th June

Silence your conscience with consumerism in one of the most moral ways possible. Red Cross is back at Queen Victoria Market.


3) Truffle Melbourne Festival

16th-17th June

You greedy little rich pigs. Why else would you have come? You’ve just got a nose for this sort of thing. The Truffle Melbourne Festival features cooking demonstrations by the city’s finest truffle chefs, fresh truffle and truffle products from across Australia, live truffle hunts, live music and the new 2018 Truffle Bar…whatever that encompasses.


2) Queen’s Birthday Bash

11th June

Re-suction that monocle back on. Relax. We weren’t not going to mention it. “Gather your friends, family and neighbours, and head to The Boatbuilders Yard to celebrate Her Royal Highness with bottomless Pimms, teapot cocktails, London beer, and more.” …But we definitely weren’t going to mention it if it wasn’t this boozy. There’s also a whole event dedicated to the Marmite vs Vegemite wars and a soundtrack containing the likes of Queen and Bowie.’s-Birthday-Bash/3e608a30-6ab1-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


1) Michael Bolton Symphony Tour

17th June

Sonic indulgence. Michael Bolton brings the sweet and husky sound of your parents’ anniversary to Hamer Hall with a flowing, symphonic spin. Like an old friend who left three years ago and came back with a bloody violin.

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