Melbourne Cultural Weekly Top 10 01/07/18

Unsheathe your sabres, Melbourne. It’s time to get literary.


10) Drawing the Thesis Exhibition Opening

5th July

What’s better than listening to an academic wax lyrical about their niche thesis? Why, experiencing an exhibition dedicated to the abstract visualisation of the notion of the thesis, of course!


9) The Melbourne Moth StorySLAM: AGE

2nd July

Ah, beat poetry. There’s nothing more enjoyable. Well, perhaps jamming a fork directly into your eyeball, but, hell, we have a weakness for ocular experimentation.


8) Left of the Clique Winter Warmer

4th July

A panel with a difference. We believe the microphones are positioned at a 100 degree angle, rather than the usual 130 degree angle. Gear up your brains now. They’ll need compensatory exercise before this one. For while this is rather left of centre appropriation the phrase ‘good for your business’ has been used repeatedly. Fear not, however. There’ll be a suckling pig.


7) Justin Brady Music & Phil Collings in Concert

7th July

Breathe. Relax. Place your head on the ground and raise your ass to the sky. This’ll feel real good. A night of brilliant live local artists in a chilled out collaboration of folk and roots via fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and some other more…invasive instruments.


6) LYRICISM: Hemm, Tram Cops, Kill the Darling & Mel

7th July

Strip. Down to your bones, baby. We’re into the freaky sh*t. Four artists will shed layers of instrumentation, peel back percussive shrouds and foreground their lyrics at the centre of the performance, which will be projected as they are sung. The minstrels of old are not dead; they’ve just grown bitter and twisted from being shut inside a synth for decades.


5) Lonely Hearts Drinking Club

2nd July

Who would’ve thought it possible? A contemporary school of thought dedicated to artisanal bread? Likely the same people who foresaw the blood-soaked butter wars of ’07.


4) Bubbles and Books

6th July

Getting drunk in a library isn’t just for vagrants and/or PhD students anymore.


3) Opening Night: ‘YOU ARE ALL THE SAME!’

6th July

An artists’ response to the blunt brutalisation of street art. See the opening of the tribute to the romanticisation of street art as an intricately biting and politically deconstructive mouth piece. That oft pukes toxic poster paint. We’ve all been there.‘YOU-ARE-ALL-THE-SAME!’/fec25660-79c4-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


2) Snatch’d Tour

7th July

3 of the fiercest drag acts to ever pound the runway are sashaying in. “Mariah Balenciaga, of the legendary house of Balenciaga, Mayhem Miller, the SoCal icon, the hardest working Queen in West Hollywood and the Queen of the Party and Vivacious, the living work of art, Club Kid icon, and legendary drag ambassador” will be erecting (amongst other things) the chaotically fabulous house of your wildest fantasies.’d-Tour/b8e20ae0-79c5-11e8-b2e5-cbd173431c8c


1) Archer Magazine Issue #10 Launch Party

5th July

Self-described as “the Australian journal of sexual diversity“, Archer Magazine will be launching its 10th issue with a celebration. It’s about f*cking time we acknowledge this one.

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