Melbourne Cultural Top 10 Weekly 27/05/18

Brain aching for stimulation? Relax. oncomau is here to provide. From the lowest of high culture to the loftiest lowbrow, we’ve got enough intellectual and gastronomical stimulation to compensate for at least a solid week of Netflix binging and second-hand vape fumes.


10) Sensor[ed]

10th May-8th June

Engage your mind hole and contemplate the black hole of data-driven existence. Juice-up your party-appropriate cynicism for the 21st Century.  Engage with the interactive works and join the discussion around digital interaction in the urban realm.


9) Robert Hunter at the NGV

27th April-27th Aug

Get nothing for nothing. A perfect balance between monetary investment and gain has never been so brilliantly achieved. NGV Australia is holding an exhibition of one of the most unique Australian talents Robert Hunter, whose idiosyncratic visual language draws upon the logic of minimalism. If you’re lucky, you may be able to tip the scales in your favour by picking up one of those free gallery postcards. Though there…might not be anything on it.


8) Beyond The Familiar 21st Anniversary Show

11th May-4th June

The technicolour tonic to the traditional gallery is turning 21 and is just as mature. Initially known as the Toon-In Gallery, the Outre Gallery proudly showcases the traditionally reviled; from the lowbrow to the pop and surreal. Far out, man. This may be the first gallery wherein you might not actively attempt to ingest the lead-based wall paint.


7) Dream a Little Dream: Etta James to Ella Fitzgerald

1st June

Experience the golden era of Hollywood romance without possessing the narcotising ignorance of a Hollywood audience. Purge yourself, as hard as you can, of the image of studio head perverts and rampant exploitation and appreciate identical twins Amy and Mel’s performance of a cabaret lineup featuring Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Dusty Springfield, Billie Holiday and Debbie Reynolds. Alternate manners of narcotisation will be available.


6) Melbourne Spoken Word and Poetry Festival

24th May-3rd June

Who doesn’t relish the opportunity to listen to beat poetry inside well-appointed well-lit popular bars 60-70 years out of it’s dark revolutionary underground context?  The Melbourne Spoken Word & Poetry Festival is currently making its way loudly through Melbourne. Clicking is enforced and there is a two-goatee minimum per circle.


5) Harley Manifold 20/20

22nd May-16th June

Ever wished you could have been present at one of Turner’s infamous live painting sessions in person? But we’re getting off topic. Harley Manifold will be embarking on painting twenty plein air paintings in twenty consecutive days engaging directly with the city and passersby. Impress your visiting friends and relatives with your passion for quasi-high culture. At least you won’t get hit by spit. From the artist anyway. We can’t speak for your friends and relatives.


4) Virtual/Chill

18th May-10th June

To ring in the winter, a VR simulation of Scandinavian visuals and gastronomy will descend upon the QV Melbourne square to tease you with the notion of a more stable future of which you will never be a part. The entire program is free, the only price you will pay will be in the form of your sanity. Yes…it was all just a dream.


3) Wild

24th May-9th June

Hailed as a ‘dark comic twist on the Edward Snowden story’ – so one assumes it involves a cameo from the literal incarnation of the devil – Wild is the provocative new play by award-winning playwright Mike Bartlett. The cornerstone of live theatre – the suspension of disbelief – has never been more ironic. Rattle your nerves and disable your location settings. Not that it makes a difference. You already bought the ticket.


2) Good Food & Wine Show

1st-3rd June

Eat, drink and make merry. Because soon enough, you’ll be mechanising the first, regretting the second and questioning if the third was ever possible. The Good Food & Wine Show returns to Melbourne for 3 days; a perfect window of time within a week of incessant intellectualism to turn your mind to your baser faculties. Chew and swallow. That’s all you have to do.


1) Jazz Festival

1st-10th June

The cool cats have taken over the city. Respite from the cold, wintry cacophony of everyday life can be found nightly in the warm, boozy cacophony of jazz.

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