Mamma Mia!

Here we go again.

ABBA without the Swedish people in flared body suits.

We know you want it. Hollywood knew you wanted it. And you want again. And again. Even Cher knows.

But to salve the period in between the first all-singing all-dancing wet circus film featuring some of the most talented and respected classic actors (and also Amanda Seyfried) and the second, here comes Mamma Mia Live.

Get ready for Voulez Vous, S.O.S, Take a Chance On Me, Dancing Queen and so many more hits you know and love. It’s a celebration of love, laughter, family and friendship, and according to the press release “exactly what the world needs right now”.

So shed your insecurities and come on down!

(You don’t have to give a shit about the long and complicated history and current complex political climate of Greece).

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