Maintain Necessary Relationships at Sculpture By The Sea

It’s that thing that someone significant in your life proposes to you and then you think: maybe getting drunk alone with a Netflix subscription and a…fleeting association with Pornhub isn’t such a depressing reality.

But it’s time you faced facts. Depression is impossible to identify within your own state of mind, and if you don’t leave your house once in a while, your most significant other will be a can of Glen 20.

So you might as well endure this brief interruption of liver disease cultivation with aplomb.

Yes, at a special time of year, the city of Sydney feels the need to give itself over to a number of contemporary sculptors in a desperate attempt to compensate for their endless attempts to convince everyone that a thriving nightlife is utterly unimportant.

This special time is called ‘Sculpture by the Sea’.

That sounds romantic enough to enable you to psychologically and perhaps even physically overcome the fact that you haven’t walked more than a kilometre in the past 11 months.

So, acquiesce to the demands of the important people in our life and try to appear as though you’re a cultured human being who thinks that the sculpture of a milk jug with legs is saying something important about society.

This coastal jaunt is the one occasion wherein you should welcome your family, biological or not, to your side.

You’ll only have to walk and tolerate their presence until they get tired, then claim in a believable frenzy that they don’t appreciate post-modern art and retreat to the nearest bar.

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