Lube the Friction with Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

It’s impossible to know what reality we’re inhabiting.

The media that forms a large part of our perception concerning our existence in a somewhat globalised world is our only source of information about the reality outside of the one we can physically slap around.

The fact that we’ve been told by several outlets of differing motivations that what we’re being fed through our eyeballs is not what’s actually happening only serves to either increase our eternal sense of confusion and unease or increase our rabid confirmation that we alone know exactly what’s going on.

Either way, every time train fares are readjusted, who gives a s**t what’s happening to the Uighurs, f**k those fat cat new development whores who call themselves Australian politicians.

We’re going to have to get adjusted to the idea that we will never be truly assured of what’s going on beyond that which is in our line of vision, and perhaps all we can do in response to that realisation is be more relaxed and accepting of each others’ over-processed, inevitably discordant and synthetic portraits of reality. And one way to get more comfortable with the rhythm of synthetic discord riding the coattails of authenticity is to listen to a whole live soundtrack of experimental indie alternative folk-rock.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down (formed in 2003) is an American folk-rock influenced alternative rock band who have collaborated with the likes of Andrew Bird and Joanna Newsom, hailing from Fall Church, Virginia, U.S. Experience their unique talents in an intimate livestreamed concert.

We’re not omniscient beings with the ability to know with absolute certainty what is occurring beyond the 10 metres in front of us. We are humans. Which is why our soundtrack is not a chorus of angels on trumpets and harps illuminated by divine shafts of light, it’s an alt folk band from San Francisco with keyboards and a ukulele singing “white collar cannibal, whatcha gonna do” on a Zoom call.

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