Lower Yourself with John Hadfield

It’s jarring when the stakes are suddenly raised.

So much of a comfortable middle class life is based on the joys of pettiness and the understanding that the garbage bin habits of your neighbour and the fact that you can appreciate pop culture on a deeper level than anyone else are of vital importance to the maintenance of your psychological functionality.

This is the kind of simultaneously calming and wildly disproportionate worldview that results in both harmony and the serial killer mailmen who occasionally disrupt the harmony.

But as of a few months ago, the stakes of everyone’s reality have been raised to far nearer life and death than we are used to. No longer can we fully enjoy petty squabbles because death’s scythe is no longer exclusively hanging over the heads of our wealthy older relatives.

In times such as these, we need to work hard to remind ourselves of the pettiness that might just help restore a little bit of internal peace.

It’s always good when a dose of reality balances out a warped perspective, but weeks of mainlining the stuff is mentally exhausting.

So remind yourself of what pettiness can be with John Hadfield.

As a percussionist, drummer and composer, John Hadfield’s dedication to music has taken him from his native Missouri to concert halls and clubs across the world. He has collaborated on more than 100 recordings as a guest artist. Most recently he can be heard playing on the soundtracks of Joker and Gemini Man. Experience his unique talents in a livestreamed performance.

One cannot help but muse on the fragility of humanity’s existence in times such as these.

But every once in a while, reminding your close friends of the fact that you can appreciate Joker on a whole other level they can’t possibly access or understand can be a tonic for the soul.



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