Liveworks Launch…Straight Into Your Liver

Okay. Let us just preface this. There will be drinking. Now, the pitch.

Liveworks is launching a festival of performative art, and, in case the preface wasn’t clear, they are launching it with an opening night of drinking.

If you’re conflicted, here, just picture this. A Felucia of people dancing as though cursed with epilepsy, wielding paintbrushes with all the potential of painting a small red square on a giant white canvas and riding that income till death, speaking in what you wish was another language and clicking, decorated with frankly assaulting facial hair…but with liquor.

You know that feeling when you’re so drunk that listening to an endless BBC documentary becomes hilarious and ends all too soon?

Well, this is definitely not a situation of diminishing returns. The worse a situation, the more brilliant it has the potential to become with a drink in your hand.

Push your limits, Sydney.

You know you want to.

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