Live Young with David Byrne and Maira Kalman

Sometimes in life you have to face certain difficulties for which you are not prepared.

It’s easy, with a certain amount of youth to romanticise the great poets of the age and engage in the kind of rebellious abandon that makes you feel as though you’re just as profoundly talented, with a persona that’s abrasive and cynical, yet marketable.

It’s the realisation that hits when you encounter a problem which brings you crashing back into your own mundanity that can be one of life’s most jarring. Because the truth is, most of the great poets of any age become wealthy enough to live in a perpetual state of adolescence, never having to deal with clogged toilets or taxes or occasional sobriety. Speaking of which, David Byrne has a new book out.

From former Talking Heads frontman and multimedia visionary David Byrne and revered bestselling author, illustrator, and artist Maira Kalman, American Utopia is an inspiring celebration in words and art of the connections between us all. A joyful collaboration between old friends David Byrne and Maira Kalman, American Utopia offers readers an antidote to cynicism, bursting with pathos, humanism, and hope–featuring his words and lyrics brought to life with more than 150 of her colourful paintings. They will be discussing their collaboration in a virtual event with Live Talks Los Angeles.

You’ll never be able to afford the fantasy of indestructible, constantly free-flowing-water-through-your-plumbing youth. But you can afford to purchase small sections of painted reality through which you can vicariously live whilst you’re pissing in your sink, waiting on hold to book the cheapest plumber you could find.

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