Let It Go with Layale Chaker

It’s getting more and more difficult to maintain a sense of reality.

In seems an extended period of quarantine involving complete lack of external stimulation somehow leads to insecurities you thought you’d buried since puberty being constantly brought up by the increasingly aggressive voice in your head that you once considered to be an internal monologue, but has now somehow detached itself and just floats around idly prodding bits of your psyche you’d forgotten about.

It’s useless to remain attached to the remnants of your sanity.

An imperative requirement of sanity is other people acknowledging that what you’re doing is sane.

And you have no other people.

So you might as well whip the reins and head on into the forest of mental instability. And for that, you’ll need an appropriate soundtrack. We suggest Layale Chaker.

Raised on the verge of several musical streams since her childhood, Lebanese violinist and composer Layale Chaker debuted her musical training at the National Higher Conservatory of Beirut in her native Lebanon.

Layale has appeared as a soloist, performer, improviser and composer in concerts, recitals and projects around Europe, the Middle-East, North and South America and Asia, with collaborations and commissions with Oxford Orchestra, West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, Holland Baroque, Babylon Orchestra, Avignon Festival, Lucerne Festival, National Sawdust, London Jazz Festival, Wigmore Hall, and New World Symphony among others. Experience her talents in a spellbinding livestreamed performance.

You cannot have sanity without the outside world; you cannot appreciate insanity without violins.

Molto vivace!



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