Lean In with Shut In and Sing feat. Bitch, Lisa Ferraro, Mary Bragg and Zoe Lewis

We’re living in strange times. Certainly not the strangest of times, but definitely one of the times in which wallpapering your house with tinfoil seems like a well-thought-out investment for the future. But the fact that that is the case is as much a reason to despise existence as it is to mainline it like a heroin addict.

The world is a glorious kaleidoscopic spectrum of sick disorders and there’s only so much righteous resistance to its pull you can endure.

Just like a real mental asylum, this under-funded, grossly mismanaged urine-soaked shack of dissenters we call a world is filled with every colour of psychological illness from benign to malignant and the pleasure lies in tasting the rainbow, not ignoring it.

We are in the company of twitching, chewing, wanking ramblers and there’s no point in being here if you don’t experience a few of their ramblings.

Do so with Shut In and Sing featuring Bitch, Lisa Ferraro, Mary Bragg and Zoe Lewis.

Shut In and Sing is a roster of some of your favorite artists, and some people you’ve never heard of. Here is your chance to discover new music, to feel connected to one another and to the artists. By sharing resources, the artists have the possibility of making new fans and even ONE new person makes a difference in their world. This edition will feature heavy metal band Bitch, jazz and soul singer Lisa Ferraro, folk-country Americana queen Mary Bragg and gypsy-swing folk artist Zoe Lewis.

You’re trapped in here with the rest of us.

The only way out is death or old money.

That prolonged internal scream of despair and fear is a classic, no doubt, but there’s a whole soundtrack out there just waiting to cram itself between the part of your brain responsible for higher-order functions and the part that’s telling you to weep and fling your turds everywhere.



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