Laugh (No One’s Watching) at the Brisbane Comedy Festival

Pessimism seems to be the default emotional and intellectual position of humans in 2020.

This isn’t without reason. War, famine, torture, slavery, over-consumption, environmental catastrophe and indoctrination of children are all as present as they ever were, but now we have to read about it and that really kills the morning coffee vibe.

But the great thing about pessimism is that it absolves you without you having to actually do anything. You’re depressed at the state of the world and that makes you a good person.

But even you, the best, most affected person you know, need a break from all that exhausting personal angst.

It’s time you indulged in someone else’s angst at the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

Australia‚Äôs fastest growing comedy festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival has grown into a multi-venue extravaganza, bursting at the seams to host a hand-picked selection of the funniest folk in the country. It’s year 11 for the Brisbane Comedy Festival, featuring a bumper line-up of 85 acts playing in 14 performance spaces across 5 venues.

The month-long fun and frivolity begins with the Opening Gala. The festival will of course shine a spotlight on top Queensland talent including Mel Buttle, Steph Tisdell, Becky Lucas and Matt Okine, local collectives Act/React, Brisburned, and Politics In The Pub as well as Agro with Jamie Dunn.

National heavyweights Dave Hughes, Peter Helliar, Fiona O’Loughlin, Nazeem Hussain and Frank Woodley will be along for the ride, as will international acts such as Stephen K Amos, Jonathan Pie, and Jimeoin. Queerstories and Livewired return in 2020 as well.


Let your guard down for a set or two.

The world will still be burning once the spotlight fades and you can walk right back out of the theatre unsmiling, your moral compass once again pointing true north.

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