Kuwaii’s 10 Year Birthday Party – Where Does The Time Go?

Kuwaii. Sounds almost like QI when you say it aloud, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a space of independent thought or delightful intellect.

This is a fashion label’s tenth anniversary party!

It is an independent fashion label, but that means that, by design, it will attract people with the notion of intellect and the money to distract themselves from their inherent idiocy and their closet full of H&M items.

Join the Kuwaii team to celebrate 10 years of Kuwaii and the launch of their Sustainable Classics Range.

With a live runway, a new fashion forward film by Paige Anderson, food by Firecracker Event and wine from Noisy Ritual.

Eat, drink and be merry.

Just don’t eat too much.

You don’t want to bust out of those Nike shoes prematurely.



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