Know Where You Stand with Gabriela Montero

Normality is a twatty word.

As soon as it means what it means, time has passed and it no longer means what it meant. And it’s most often used by people who have direct control over what the rest of us experience as daily life.

In recent times, the inherent twattiness of the word has increased as what is deemed ‘normality’ is getting more and more slippery.

It’s too frightening to reckon with the fact that no one knows what the hell they’re doing in this crisis. We have to believe that the corrupt oligarchies controlling us have some endgame that’ll reliably screw us all over. But we need something to quell our more everyday sense of unease. Something that we can bank on to play out exactly as expected and inspire within us the same feelings it always has.

Luckily, the Royal Albert Theatre and Gabriela Montero have provided.

Royal College of Music graduate Gabriela Montero’s visionary interpretations and unique compositional gifts have garnered her critical acclaim and a devoted following on the world stage. Celebrated for her exceptional musicality and ability to improvise, Montero has performed with many of the world’s leading orchestras, and in some of the world’s most distinguished venues.

Montero received a Grammy nomination for her album Baroque, was awarded the 2012 Rockefeller Award for her contribution to the arts, and was a featured performer at Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Inauguration. She will deliver an exclusive livestreamed set as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions.

Crank up the volume and experience inexpressible comfort.

Pretentious, overly flowery, offensively complex and ego-crushing, this aggressive display of experimental performance will piss you off in exactly the same way as it always has and always will.

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