Just For Laughs, Not For Attention

Well, it’s that time again.

We’re not referring to Halloween, although Halloween will undoubtedly amplify the situation a thousandfold.

It’s that time, again, post-Joker film, when upper-middle class youth temporarily adopt feelings of disenfranchisement and, somewhat ironically, delusions of mental illness.

Come the eve of the 31st, the air will be filled with the 2019-version-of-alcopop-infused forced laughs of hundreds of Joaquin Phoenix imitators.

We can’t think of any more perfect way to stay the hell off the streets and out of the regular bars, than barricading yourself within the walls of the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival.

This year’s incredible lineup includes the iconic Emmy-nominated duo Steve Martin & Martin Short, the legendary Dylan Moran, one of Ireland’s finest Dara O Briain, Dave Hughes as host of the JFL All-Star Gala, SNL extraordinaire Fred Armisen, the amazing Nina Conti, Australia’s top-selling author Kathy Lette, the one and only Beth Stelling, everyone’s favourite purple comedian Randy Feltface, one of India’s biggest comedians Atui Khaktri, and many more!

Also returning for its seventh season, Just For Laughs Australia: Live hosted by one of Australia’s favourite comedians, Nick Cody. Each show features a lineup of top international and Australian comedians and are filmed for The Comedy Channel.

Don’t miss this chance to see your favourite international and local comedians at Just For Laughs Sydney!

Enjoy a laugh generated by the combination of human connection, intellect and genuine impulse and not the desire to try to disassociate your ‘complicated’ image from the brand new Mercedes your parents just bought for you.



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