Junipalooza: It’s Easy To Enunciate

The juniper berry is a berry of which the deep complexities are known only to a select few, and definitely not to anyone in your immediate circle unless something momentous has occurred prompting a microscopic interest.

Like, for instance, when, during one dark and lonely night, the berry decided to dress up in their dead father’s wedding tux and turn up on the doorstep of someone in its immediate circle, claiming that marriage is a sham and whatever happened to The Vapors?

…Gin is brilliant, isn’t it?

A whole festival dedicated to it is coming to Melbourne.

A festival featuring dozens and dozens of gin makers in one room, sharing their love for the spirit and serving up samples and stories for all to enjoy. You’ll be able to buy directly from the brands, should (or rather, when) you fall in love with the gins you try, but if you don’t want to weigh yourself down during the session you can swing via the Junipalooza shop on your way out to stock up in one fell swoop.

There’ll also be masterclasses to attend, huge stocks of tonic to taste and a fantastic pop-up from one of Melbourne’s most trailblazing cocktail bars.

So, mark the date in your calendar and get ready for the time of your life.

Also, maybe preemptively burn your deceased father’s tux.

It doesn’t flatter your form.



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