Jimmy Barnes: Working Class Man

Please, nix the Sunday Night interview. Pub-favourite Barnesy is back with a tour as an addition to his follow-up musical autobiography that provides no fodder for those skeptical of the musician-turned-writer trend. Of course, the story is not revelatory in its explorations of a rocker’s childhood. However, his recollections of abuse do strike a chord because, as with Working Class Boy, he does not attempt to sound like a writer. Working Class Man (the book) is the autobiographical accompaniment to the live tour of the same name of a man that has had a genuinely interesting and traumatic life and expresses it in the same authorial voice in which he has always expressed himself. As a musician; as a writer. The tour will feature stripped-back versions of his material.

If, through the years, you have not as of yet been deafened by this rocker’s opus, we strongly encourage you to get a front seat to this tour.

But, you know, crank the hearing aid up.

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