It’s Wo Fest! And We’re Woefully Unschooled

Have the blues?

Feeling high?

Becoming one with the screaming milky-way?

Consider yourself a post-post-something?

…We also tried to come up with something for the ‘Doom’ and ‘Sludge’ genres covered in this music festival, be we don’t quite know what the genres entail and frankly we’ve no desire to find out.

Wo Fest is descending upon Melbourne, featuring some of Australia and New Zealand’s greatest bands and solo artists in the Blues, Stoner, Psychedelic, Progressive, Sludge and Doom genres.

Texan swampadelic wizards and heavy jammers Wo Fat will be headlining.

We assume this isn’t the kind of jamming that involves preserving chillies in jars, though we are quite sure consumption of Wo Fat’s output will have the same, if not a greater, effect on your bowels.

Again…we couldn’t come up with anything to explain the ‘swampadelic wizards’ thing.

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