It’s A New Dawn at VIRUS: Public Order Response Episode 01

Denial is a powerful thing. Ask any 90s douchebag and they’ll tell you, “never underestimate the power of denial”. Then ask them their current opinion of Kevin Spacey.

In the current environment there’s no shortage of people telling you to relax, that things aren’t as bad as they look. It’s a pill we’re not unwilling to swallow. Especially considering those people look like sweaty middle-aged politicians dragging already drenched handkerchiefs across their clearly infectious brows.

But we’re adults. And that means we’re more susceptible to drowning in a hot pool of our own lung soup. So a little acceptance of the reality of the situation the world is facing is perhaps warranted.

And there’s no more in-your-face way to embrace the new sickly world than VIRUS: Public Order Response Episode 01.

Known for their feverish delivery of the underground sound, VIRUS have delivered at every turn: warehouse parties that live in legend; outdoor events where nature sidles up to the sound; and bangin’ X-rated club nights.

The Geezer is quite the geezer. With 25 plus years at the heart of the UK electronic music scene, he has released over 2000 tracks. With its rolling percussive ragga rhythm splayed out over a massive driving techno beat, his sound is killer. Now, fresh from sold-out gigs from Japan to Venezuela, The Geezer is on his way to Melbourne. Performing an uninterrupted three-hour live set, The Geezer promises to pick every pocket of your mind, inserting techno from the early days to genre-breaking latest releases.

New to VIRUS? Been out of the loop? Expect to feel like you’ve been run over by a semi, spat out the other side only to be slammed by a steamroller and bounced back. Then repeat. Absolutely no limp hand-waving and foot tapping here – Virus is for the mentally, physically and emotionally locked in.


Acceptance of reality doesn’t have to mean self-isolation.

And it certainly does not mean reduced consumption of MDMA.

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