Island Vibe Festival: Control Yourselves

“Ahoy Pirates! We hope you’ve had a cosy winter (or sexy summer if you live in the Northern Hemisphere)”

Yes, that is how they’ve started the promotional premise to this music festival.

And to all you people who are aware of real pirates outside of Johnny Depp, we apologise and, please, don’t bring into your consciousness the reality of pirates these days.

Or the reality of pirates at any time.

They’ve been romanticised for a reason.

A ‘pirate’ has never been a good person.

At the very least, responsible for rape, and at the very most, responsible for the title of an incredibly complex situation involving the crime-ridden horror of an entire country of people.

We know the middle ground but we’re far too guilty of that to be comfortable enough to call attention to it.

Ignoring the flippancy of words, but, come on they haven’t made it easy “There is only 9 days to go until we wash up on the shores of North Stradbroke Island like a beached kraken and gather our ragtaggle scurvy crews together and indulge in four glorious days of an island adventure like no other“.

They’ve referenced rape, racial profiling and a giant tentacle monster.

Though…we don’t take so much offence to the notion of a saucy tentacle monster.

Island Vibe will be host to over 80 acts on 4 stages – The Lion Mane Stage, the Bamboo Bass,Chai’n’Vibes (formerly known the Coconut Lounge) and the Dub Bunker (formerly known as the Dub Dome), as well as traditional and contemporary dance in the Ceremony Circle, and workshops and talks at the Workshops Space & Kids Space.

So your kids can come too.

Just…maybe don’t expand too much on the historical horror of the situation.

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