Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming at the Melbourne Indie Film Festival

Reality is a tough sell these days.

There’s entirely too much of it and too little being done by the evil powers that be to blind us.

One would think being part of a world ruled by money and corruption that being one of the little people would afford one certain niceties like sustainable ignorance or occasional bouts of mass amnesia.

But the powers that be have gotten fat and lazy and the best they can pump out of their encephalitic brains is a couple of badly choreographed puppets jiggling around and trying jam their appendages into the nearest female audience member.

So perhaps it’s time we stop relying upon the big bad shadows to provide an adequate projected reality and start sourcing talent from within ourselves, the dirty masses.

Perhaps we have found such talent in the Melbourne Indie Film Festival.

The Melbourne Indie Film Festival will feature some of the best of independent cinema from around the world, including a mix of award winning films and outstanding emerging talent in the film industry. The festival has been set-up to showcase new and creative works by emerging local and international artists, and for those who have an admiration for cinema and the craft of filmmaking.

Experience the stimulating fusion of Melbourne’s creative energy with the uniqueness of The Post St Kilda, as the Melbourne Indie Film Festival aims to bring entertainment and inspiration to its audience by showcasing stories and issues from around the world through the impact of great cinema.

It’s 2020.

It’s time we starting insourcing our projectionists.

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