Insanity Cures Insanity with Kaoru Watanabe

At least for a few more weeks, we will have to become more acquainted with the sections of our mind we had originally walled off in order for us to be able to deal with the outside world.

Sure, we now have access to most facets of the outside world via the internet, but the unpredictability and tactility of an external reality is what kept us from mentally regressing back to an age when our first and most disturbing psychological proclivities began to flower. Now we no longer have that. And we have a resource that allows us to be able to access every kind of disturbing perversion known and unknown to our slowly unravelling psyches.

So, the question is, now, how do we keep the weird, pimply, somehow always greasy demons at bay and maintain the fragile identity of a sophisticated adult we spent so long crafting?

Experimental concerts comprised of Japanese shinobue flutes and taiko drums with an American Jazz leant at 1am in the morning. That’s how.

Kaoru Watanabe is a Brooklyn-based composer and musician who specializes in the Japanese shinobue flutes and taiko drums. Watanabe creates music that is at once personal, philosophical, meditative, and virtuosic, that reflects his extensive background in Japanese traditional music, American jazz, and his decades-long devotion to cross-cultural musical collaboration. Experience his unique combination of talents in a livestreamed performance.

Scrabble can only do much to stave off cabin fever.

To prevent the kind of insanity caused by a weeks-long quarantine, an equivalent kind of insanity is necessary.

If your car’s careening into a wall at full speed and all the doors and windows are locked, you don’t activate the airbags, you crunch yourself into a sideways ball, place your feet on the driver’s side door like a spring-load and launch yourself out of the passenger-side window to the sounds of Japanese-American jazz.

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