Imagine Dragons.

Because those reptilian relics are far more interesting than what you’re about to hear.

Nevada-based band Imagine Dragons is hitting Australia with their ‘Evolve’ tour this May.

The band and the beast do have a commonality in that they both have been claimed by all manner of disparate genres. Though for the one that breathes fire it is less of a problem.

The band have been described as alt-rock, pop-rock, indie-rock, electronic rock, dance-pop, electropop, pop and arena-rock. But rather than being comprised of various ingenious musical explosions or a band that has gradually matured over a long period of time, this young group’s fare melts softly into a bland soup.

If you eat it, you may stave off starvation. If you slosh it around violently, you could dance to it.

Whatever it takes.

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