How to Be a Better Person with Johnny Gandelsman

It can be a difficult proposition seeking to improve oneself as a person during these scary times. Pointless even.

The general January attitude of, ‘why work on myself when the world’s going to end in 30 years due to climate change’ has snorted a bunch of 80s cocaine and transformed into ‘f*** everything, if we’re all going to die now, I might as well murder someone else for a package of Sorbent and die with a clean anus’.

But that’s an attitude born of wild, impulsive fear.

We survived the eighties, we still exist even though our climate is in a chubby-armed choke-hold and the majority of us will still exist after the age of COVID-19.

Arrant opposition to the notion of self-improvement is not the cross you want to die upon, especially since a cross made of toilet rolls is structurally unable to support the weight of a corpse weighed down by panic-bought instant noodles.

So take a deep, calming breath.

There’s a way you can improve yourself without leaving your house or surrendering a piece of your hoarded goods to the dying elderly: Silkroad Home Sessions with Johnny Gandelsman.

Grammy award winning violinist and producer Johnny Gandelsman’s musical voice reflects the artistic collaborations he has been a part of since moving to the United States in 1995. Richard Brody of The New Yorker has called Johnny Gandelsman “revelatory” in concert, placing him in the company of “radically transformative” performers like Maurizio Pollini, Peter Serkin and Christian Zacharias. Experience his talents in a livestreamed performance.

Sure, you’ll be engaging in something radically transformative by proxy.

But in this era, self-improvement by proxy is the most moral way to do it.

Mother Theresa was mighty impressive, but she touched a lot of dying orphans’ faces when she was slowly killing them and all that financial fraud required a lot of in-person fraternising. And that’s just not possible right now.

Remember: social distancing saves lives.

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