How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down? None if He’s Got a Chrysler. Gun It To Folk By the Sea.

‘Romantic nationalism’. An interesting phrase equally at home in both a pro-Nazi and anti-Nazi narrative. And equally applicable and inapplicable to the genre of folk music.

A nonthreatening musical genre whose pliable appeal is representative of the pliability of human morality.

Folk is rooted in the vaguely remembered combined era of the feudal system and just after the dinosaurs or something. Its revival latched itself onto the collective youth psyche of the mid to late 20th Century.

And thus, the world got Joan Baez crooning to a room full of Playboy bunnies and Bob Dylan drawling over the image of a sweatshop ‘…let Asia assemble your phone, we will build your car’ whilst plugging Chrysler.

It’s a genre so pure, you know it’s into the real sick, dirty shit.

Come see it bear its maggoty fruits at Folk by the Sea.

Folk by the Sea is an intimate folk festival style event featuring the sounds of folk, world, roots, Celtic, bluegrass and gypsy music over 3 days in the picturesque seaside town of Kiama, famous for its blowhole.

This years line up of national and international artists include: Across The Great Divide (NZ), Amie G, Buck & Deanne, Cameron Jones Trio, Chris Matthews (WA), Co-cheol (Vic), Eddie Nuardo (Vic), Enda Kenny (Vic), Fly Little Sparrow (Qld), Genni Kane & Jon Wilby with Christian Prusiak, Good Tunes, Highlander, Justin Bernasconi (Vic), Kate Delaney & Denis Tracey, Medusa’s Wake, Narrownecks, Neil Murray, Nerida Cuddy, Oh Reach, Richard Grainger (UK), Robyn Sykes, Roolya Boolya, Rusty & The Saint, Saoirse (Vic), Steve Wilson – Concertina Man, Stonybroke, Stuns’l Booms (Tas), The Dixie Chooks, The Thomsons, Tim Moore (SA), Tinman (Vic), Victoria Vigenser & Lindsay Martin.

Local artists include: Carefree Road Band, Chord-eaux, Dear Violet, Jessica Grainger, JOCEAN, John Tubridy Trio, Katandra Women’s a cappella, Kiama Pipe Band, Me & Pete, Murmur, No Such Thing, Peter Willey, Poncho Green, Sweet Songs & Soft Guitar, The Con Artists, The High Country, The Water Runners, Three Sixty, Trilogy and Zlatkos Balkan Cabaret.

The voices of a generation are all busy making bank on residuals from yogurt ads or posthumously appearing in plugs for oversized designer hats.

So why not spend three days on the seaside calculating the exact height of the tree you’d need to climb to successfully smash your brains out all over the coast?

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