Haven’t You Heard? Fifteen’s the New Fifty at The Temper Trap Conditions Tour!

This looks to be the year of musical farewells and appreciation of musical legacy. Elton John, Kiss, Metallica, Slayer, Ozzy Osbourne and The Who are all swansonging their geriatric hearts out for the fortieth last time. Those that once shook the foundations of music seem to be finally bowing gracefully to the next generation. Or as gracefully as they can with a Vaudeville Hook jammed deep into their brittle ribs.

Life is for those fully in control of their urinary tracts and bowel functions, and a legacy is for those that that have old-world fame powerful enough to pay an entourage to meticulously maintain their gold catheters.

This brings to mind an interesting question: remember The Temper Trap? The band that sprang into the world’s consciousness in 2005 and subsequently into the special drawer of every adman alongside the Viagra and lube?

They, too, are back.

Yes, despite existing for only fifteen years they are embarking upon a nostalgia tour of their Conditions album. Entirely without gold records or gold catheters.

“Since Conditions launched The Temper Trap onto the global stage the band have moved overseas, started families, confirmed tour muso Joseph Greer as an official band member, performed on main stages of some of the biggest festivals in the world, released a further two #1 ARIA Albums, and announced the departure of Lorenzo Sillitto from the band, and extensively toured globally. Don’t miss out on tickets to see The Temper Trap perform some very special Conditions shows.”

It’s 2019 and nostalgia is younger than ever.

Perhaps it’s a good thing.

If the next few generations evolve with a severely decreased capacity for long term memory recall, we’re pretty much off the hook for our role in creating the dystopian hellscape that will be their reality.



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