Hark The Herald’s Released The 2020 Draw feat. Australian Open Live Stage

Tennis players.

Genuine athletes, the majority of which go their whole physically exhausting career unrecognised and underpaid. Which essentially is true for pretty much every other profession on earth. But who cares about the majority of people?

As a society we’ve collectively decided that whilst the traditional gods are dead, the deification of select humans is very much alive.

And there still remains the classic combative bloodbath to decide which human is worthy of worship (and sponsorship).

Enter the Australian Open. The first in four tennis-based tournaments that will dictate whose beatific image will get slapped on an Armani ad.

Since 2019, the bloodbath, the worship and the insane quantities of gratuitous wealth are no longer enough to adequately express our religious fervour. As any lapsed catholic knows, worship is nothing without a glorious chorus of accompanying angels. Which can now be found at the Australian Open Live Stage.

Yes, after the unprecedented success of the 2019 AO Live Stage and the amazing growth of the Australian Open, the music component at the AO has cemented itself as a must play summer concert date.

Attractive to international artists plus the vast array of great Australian, established and up & coming talent, the diversity of the line-up over the two-week period means there is absolutely something for everyone!

See the baseline rally, then hear the bassline drop.

Then get on your knees and chug some holy pasta sauce.



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