Gympie Music Muster (A Salute To Country Without The Pitchforks)

Country music has always been largely unmarketable to a young paying audience.

Due to the rise in racist sentiment, a certain branch of country music is experiencing a surge in popularity; famed bigot Blake Shelton was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’.

Thus, country music should be more unmarketable to sane young people than ever.

But there’s a disclaimer that applies to country music that might save the genre: young peoples’ dedication to nostalgia.

Remember Kasey Chambers? Well, she didn’t express bigoted sentiments towards any particular group of people and she could hold a tune.

Hence, she is the harbinger of a host of people that will bring country music into the foreground via innumerable complimentary Instagram posts.

She’ll be headlining this festival along with The McClymonts and James Blundell, Tex Perkins & The Fat Rubber band, Luke O’Shea and 2019 Gympie Muster Ambassador Felicity Urquhart as well as former INXS songwriter Andrew Farriss making his country music debut.

The full programme also includes intimate songwriter sessions, all-star guitar jams, line and rock n roll dancing, instrument workshops and more.

Country music may suck in comparison to most other genres, but at least, at this particular festival, you won’t have to buy a white hooded gown.

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