Age Vividly

Vivid is a playground for the child inside you.

Unfortunately it’s also a playground for the children that have come from the insides of other people.

So shun the somehow already sticky interactive displays and the inflatable animals.

It’s time to grow up.

…By acting as profligate and irresponsible as a child, drawing on the walls and throwing up on yourself…but with liquor and grinding on strangers.

Side Bar is bringing a whole new level of colour at the ultimate Vivid Paint Party with neon paint explosions, super-soakers, UV black-lights and some of the best DJs in town.

Dress in white and get messy for this once in a lifetime multicoloured makeover!

…And the once in a lifetime moment in which shining a black-light on your close friends’ bar-hopping outfits won’t immediately call into question the worth of your friendship with them. Or vice versa.

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