Grapevine Gathering: Resistance is Futile

We’re staring down the barrel of a bleak future.

Either we’ll smother this world into a barren hellscape or we’ll hang in there, baby, until the vulnerable kitty cat that is flesh-based humanity is skinned alive by its once-loyal AI servant for the purposes of Lil Miquela’s Instagram fashion feed.

It’s reason enough to fill that barrel with an enormous quantity of wine.

We can’t escape the inevitable, but we can be drunk when we face it.

There’s no better place to experience the duality of man, the future doom through the blurry lens of an alcoholic, than Grapevine Gathering.

“It’s that vine of the year again! Grapevine is back and just as full-bodied as ever before. The beloved musical adventure is waiting for you to come get fizzical! Round up your Pinot pals and Grigio girls for a corker of culinary delights and brilliant beverages, whilst getting Merlot to the ripest musical talent on the vine.

This year’s lineup features: Flight Facilities, Crooked Colours, Mallrat, Jack River, Touch Sensitive, Lake Nite Tuff Guy, Kira Puru, Lovebirds and Big Words.”

Have Google Nest’s AI human minions, ‘Flight Facilities’, drown out your liver’s epitaph with a jumpy, sinister refrain, “I’m better than ever”, and stumble, with us, into the future.

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