Good Food & Wine Show (Relax. Heston Isn’t Here This Time.)

There’s a gaping chasm of emptiness inside you.

Some would call it a sane reaction to the dystopia we now inhabit.

We can’t think of a better reason to flip the bird to sanity.

So kneel down, crane your neck back, wrench open your jaw and stuff that chasm with as many quail fetuses, fungus foams and jugs of coffee wine as you can.

Yes, the Good Food & Wine Show is heading to Sydney.

Here is your chance to become immersed in all things food and wine, with returning show favourites and new, never before seen experiences and masterclasses.

They say good food and good wine is nothing without good company to share it with.

We say good company is nothing without good food and good wine.

There’s a reason why good company becomes good company and it’s not sobriety nor lack of rendered animal fat.

So grab a ticket and tell your friends and loved ones to ready their intestines.

This weekend will not only provide the substances to enable you to tolerate their presence, it will cork that hole from which an endless scream of rage and despair usually explodes.

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