Give Up at Approachable Members of Your Local Community’s ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ Tour

The world is a torrent of predictability.

Nuclear annihilation, apocalyptic environmental conditions and a fatal mass infection are threats as reliable as a backwoods turn of phrase being used to equivocate humanity’s very real imminent doom.

All the constant sandwich-board wearing lunacy in the form of lucid, well-researched journalism is taxing and boring at the same time. We’ve been eating from the same bucket of fried rat poison for a while, and screaming at us that we’re eating rat poison isn’t going to make us stop. We already know we are, you pretentious knobs, but we like it and we won’t be alive to care about how our children deal with the bloated corpse we’ve left them with.

The problem is, all those people with the discomforting research in hand just don’t realise the benefits of predictability. They’re still consuming everything with the raw fear it requires, rather than the flabby, dull acceptance they require.

Well, we’ve got the perfect inroad for them. The first step in a comforting life of semi-aware shrugging. A band to which no one could object, with absolutely everything one already expected. And they’re on tour.

Yes, Approachable Members of Your Local Community are back in town.

Approachable Members of Your Local Community make music that’s a gently heaving wave of team spirit and pop melodies; funny but not a joke, approachable but not simple, and generously glazed in extra servings of groove and charisma. Reliably funky and devilishly handsome in their matching Adidas, four nebbish boys from the streets of St Kilda who make up the Approachable Members deliver a service the community knows and loves.

Praised as one of the buzz acts of BIGSOUND 2019 and having supported the likes of Half.Alive (USA), Lime Cordiale, Kira Puru and Joyride, to writing with the likes of Japanese Wallpaper and Alex Lahey, the Approachable Members know collaboration is key to a successful community. If you like getting a little bit drunk with your Grandma at Shabbat dinner, matching your outfit to your best friends, and deeply funky grooves, this tour is for you.

They won’t blow you away.

Being blown away is a terrifying image and no one wants that.

But they will sit you down in a cushioned chair and burble something comforting about being seventeen. So take off that sandwich-board and put down that environmental report. We’re all going to die, and soon, but there’s no point spending your last moments crying about it.‘Love-Thy-Neighbour’-Tour/d25f3630-59d6-11ea-96b7-b132cf2a7536

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